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When the Dealer questions our Diagnosis

Following our investigation & producing an accurate & conclusive diagnosis, we replaced a faulty gear selector module. We were then faced with a dilemma.

This Jaguar XJ6 was brought to us to diagnose a gear shift issue. The customer reported “unable to take transmission out of park”.

We quickly diagnosed a faulty gear selector module (J-Gate). After fitting the new (genuine OEM) module, we were faced with a transmission that we could still not take out of park. How is this possible? The results of our investigation were conclusive. Further more advanced testing confirmed that the new (expensive) replacement selector module was in fact faulty as well. How is this possible? The part was new, genuine & sourced from Jaguar directly.

We returned the new (faulty) gear selector module to Jaguar and we organised a replacement. Success! The vehicle was finally ready for the customer to collect.

Below is a clip that demonstrates how we tested the defective module providing accurate and conclusive results.

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