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Vehicle Diagnostics

The word 'Specialist' is often over used!

At Scantec Automotive we don’t do mechanical repairs, servicing or MOT’s.

We don't even work on all makes & models.

What we do all day, every day, is diagnostics and fault finding, allowing us to truly specialise in what we do.

As a German Brand Specialist we carry not only the same diagnostic tools, software & technical data as the Main Dealers but we also carry specialist tooling not even available to the Main Dealers.

Scantec can take care of your vehicle's servicing and health requirements.

DPF Diagnostics

DPF's do not block on their own - there is always an underlying reason.

Cleaning the DPF without a conclusive diagnosis into the cause will not solve the problem

To save time, costs & unnecessary repairs, Scantec Automotive can determine the specific cause of the DPF problem.

Whether the DPF is blocked or the DPF fails to regenerate itself, we specialise in finding the root cause & solution.


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'East Sussex's Leading Automotive Diagnostic & Fault Finding Specialists'. 

'The BEST alternative to the Main Dealer'


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2021-02-09 16.46.24
2021-02-09 16.46.24

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BMW Software Update
BMW Software Update

BMW Software Update. New Manufacturer software release for your vehicle? Scantec has it covered.

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Skoda Diagnostics East Sussex
Skoda Diagnostics East Sussex

Whether it's the engine, electrics or other components on your Skoda - Scantec carry the latest Manufacturer tools & software to investigate & report accurate & conclusive results.

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2021-02-09 16.46.24
2021-02-09 16.46.24

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